Real Time Custom Reporting System

Brand Allure's Custom Reporting System allows us to identify, create and measure key indicators through the creation and electronic distribution of reports.  Do you have a program that requires 200 Brand Ambassadors? Would you like to get 200 different perspectives?  No problem, we've got you covered!  Our team will work with you to identify the areas that you want measured, create the report, upload it into our system and send it out to our team of field agents to download the data into our system via a mobile device, tablet or laptop where you will be able to view in real-time!  We can also add program pictures to the report as well as expense receipts.

Are you a marketing agency?  Want us to remain invisible?  Not a problem.  We will create reports with your branding that can be forwarded directly on to your client.  Call us to see how much easier we can make your life!