Welcome to the Brand Allure Frequently Asked Questions Page. We set this page up to answer any questions that you might have about our service, policies and procedures. If something is not listed that you are looking to have answered, call us! We are happy to take your call and answer your question during business hours.

  • How do I register with Brand Allure?
    Click "Talent Registration" on the homepage and follow the steps.

    You can also click on "Talent" on the menu bar and click "Talent Registration"

    You can also go to the division web page that you wish to apply and click the "Apply Now" button

    When you register you will receive an email verification.  This will be sent to the email that you provide on the first step of registration.  You have to click the link and verify your email address before the system will allow you to move forward.  If you don't see the verification email please check your junk folder.

  • Why is the Registration Application Process so important?
    Take your time and complete the talent registration information.  Our team will use this information to submit you to our jobs.  Make sure you include all "talent types" that you qualify for.   We do database searches based on the job requirement and reach out to only those who fit the requirement.  Do not indicate a talent type if you are not qualified.
  • What kind of pictures should I add to my profile?
    We suggest that you add a couple professional pictures and also a couple non-professional pictures of yourself.  A nice head shot that is reflective of your current hair length, hair color is very important.  We are looking for pictures that represent who you are now! 

  • Is Brand Allure on Facebook?
    Yes!  Become a fan and stay up to date with industry news and Brand Allure's current events!  If you worked with us recently share your experience on the Brand Allure Facebook Page!
  • I've completed my application and contract paperwork, what now?
    If you have completed your online application and new start paperwork, congratulations.  You will start receiving jobs that you are qualified for near where you live.  It might take a little time to get started or we might call you that same day.  If you don't hear from us for some time feel free to reach out to one of the resource managers in your area to remind them that you are ready, able and looking for work!  We will do our best to put you to work and keep you busy. 
  • How do Brand Allure Resource Managers decide who to book?
    There are several factors that weigh in during the talent selection and booking process.  We need to make sure that we are placing the most suitable people for each job.  We always go to the staff that has proven reliable because we don't like risk!  We also like to add new people to work with an established team.  When you get the chance we need the following from you:

    1 - Make sure you are wearing the appropriate clothing and that your clothing is pressed and looking good.

    2 - Arrive early for your event.  We have a bunch of things to do.  Our team has to be there early so that we
         are able to do our job effectively

    3 - While you are working, work!  Have a great attitude and do whatever your task is to the best of your  

    4 - Follow the "Rules of Conduct" that you signed in your new start paperwork.

    5 - Be as proactive and helpful as possible.

  • How will I recieve jobs from the system?
    You will receive jobs that fit your profile, experience and location.  Jobs are sent from our system to the email address that we have on file for you.  If you are qualified and want to work simply click available.  If you are not available or qualified, click unavailable. 
  • How do I know if I am booked?
    You will receive a confirmation email in our system with all the job details that you will need including, location, point of contact, attire and event deliverables.  You will also have a Brand Allure Resource Manager as your main point of contact and can email or call us with any questions about the job.
  • How do I report my hours?
    After an event completes our time verification system automatically sends you a time card with the hours that we have reported for you.  The system will allow you to make adjustments and submit them back through our system if necessary. 
  • What if I was late for the event?
    If you show up late you will most likely lose your spot on the team for that day.  If we still need you to work, you will be paid from the time you start working until the time you leave.  Hourly minimums do not apply for staffers that show up late.  Your arrival time is noted on your profile in our system and this will weigh into the resource managers placing you on future jobs.  Remember we do not like risk!  We can't take a chance on people who are not reliable.  Please show up on time.
  • Does Brand Allure have a cancellation policy?
    Absolutely!  Please review your new start paperwork to review our cancellation policy.  If you have to cancel you must give us 48 hours notice.  Notice must come in the form of an email and phone call to the resource manager that is managing that particular event.

    If you are booked on a multiple day program, you are expected to complete all days and times that you agreed to work.  If you have to cancel for an emergency or health reason we will require proof of emergency or a doctors note.  Calling or communicating directly to our client to cancel does not qualify and is not acceptable.  You must call the Brand Allure Resource Manager that booked you on the job.

    If you are unsure about being able to complete the entire job please don't submit yourself for it.