Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. - Vince Lombardi

Rich Durik

Rich Durik | Principal

Rich started in the IT world and built a technology company called D1 Solutions.  He sold his share of the business after just five short years, and with sales levels over six million a..
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Diana Durik

Diana Durik | Operations Manager

Where do we start with Diana Durik.  First off, she only takes pictures standing at a 45 degree angle!  Diana attended Penn State University where she never saw one football game.&..
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Natalie Backman

Natalie Backman | Account Manager

Natalie Backman is one cool customer.  She maintains her cool in the most stressful situations and anybody in this industry understands how valuable that is!  Natalie might also be..
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Kelsey Paz

Kelsey Paz | Resource Manager

Kelsey brings a hospitality component to the West Coast Brand Allure Team like only a southern girl can!  Hailing from the deep south, Kelsey is a self proclaimed renaissance woman. She..
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JD Snyder

JD Snyder | Account Manager

Have you seen the movie The Professional?  A professional assassin rescues a teenage girl whose parents were killed in a police raid. Natalie Portman was in it.  Well, Leon, the pr..
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