Natalie Backman's Profile

Account Manager

Natalie Backman is one cool customer.  She maintains her cool in the most stressful situations and anybody in this industry understands how valuable that is!  Natalie might also be the most likeable person on the planet.   It might be her daily Yoga regiment, or perhaps just her nature.  We dare you to set up a meeting with her.  We dare you to see if you leave the meeting and are not sold on working with Natalie and more likely hanging out with her on a social level.  Natalie doesn't know Karate but she does know KaRazy.  We once witnessed her crane kick a less than well-mannered pedestrian that refused to hold a door open for an elderly woman.  In the same motion she pushed the door open, maintaining a smile, greeted the elderly lady and gave her holistic nutrition advice as she walked through the entrance way and into the lobby of her apartment building.  You DON’T see that every day.

Natalie has been in the entertainment world since they age of five when she made her stage debut dancing her heart out to “Hey Micky…”  Her professional career started at the age of 17 and has taken her all across the country and back, eventually landing her in this fair city.  After a brief stint on Broadway she realized she’d “kinda done what she came to do,” and decided to move on and see what other exciting challenges life held.  And that’s when she found Brand Allure…initially not as an Account Manager…but as one of the staff…this whole arrangement took place a few years later…we’ll get to that.  After walking away from the acting world Natalie’s many adventures in the work place include serving as the Catering Coordinator for one of the world’s largest fashion photography studios, Pier 59 Studios, and as a membership advisor and event coordinator for Equinox Fitness where she realized that her specialty is relationship building with a focus on integrity and creating genuine “win-win” arrangements.  Passionate about health and fitness, Natalie earned her certification as a holistic health counselor and life coach from the Institute of Integrative nutrition and has created her own business, Savoir Vivre, through which she helps her clients develop and maintain a healthy, happy, satisfying balance in their life.

After three years of exploring and experimenting in the world of business, Natalie received an invitation from Brand Allure that put it all into focus.  Why not put this eclectic skill set to good use and come aboard the Brand Allure team as first a Resource Manager, and soon after an Account Executive?  Why not, indeed.  Natalie is thrilled to pour her passion into this business, the thousands of models & staff we represent, and the clients we are dedicated to elevating to the highest level of success.  Working with Natalie you can expect candid and transparent communication, commitment, integrity, a team spirit and win-win attitude.  Ever read “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People?”  That’s on Natalie’s night stand…

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