Kelsey Paz's Profile

Resource Manager

Kelsey brings a hospitality component to the West Coast Brand Allure Team like only a southern girl can!  Hailing from the deep south, Kelsey is a self proclaimed renaissance woman. She is highly skilled and accomplished as a graphic designer, painter, runner, gardener, snake charmer and archer!  Yes, the kind of archer that uses a bow to propel arrows into a target.  If you are a promotional model working one of Kelsey's jobs, be forewarned that she is a stickler for punctuality and part of her check in process outside of our proprietary GPS System is to hide in the bushes near the event meeting place with an arrow drawn.  Showing up late for her job, well....isn't a very good idea.

Kelsey graduated from Auburn University with her Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications and with a Minor in Business Administration.  After graduation she landed a job at MTV in New York City.  Simultaneously, she was modeling for an up and coming fashion line called Csillawear.  After wrapping production on the show My Life As Liz, she moved on to work for Locomotive Films.   Shortly after, Kelsey was recruited by Brand Allure to work on a marketing stunt where she traveled across the country playing the role of the lovely Kate Middleton for a month long tour promoting French Connection's new line, UK Style!

Kelsey believes that laughter is truly the best medicine and her easy going disposition,  positive outlook, strong work ethic and customer focus has clients calling back and requesting her involvement on their projects time and time again.  "Y'all need to call Kelsey to see what we are talking about."
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